A corner from heaven


Prošlo je deset godina. Već posle par prvih, znali smo za koga želimo da uredimo ovaj kutak. Zaista se trudimo, a ovim sajtom pokušavamo poslati poruku za koga sve ovo radimo. I uspevamo u tome, uglavnom. Pre desetak dana boravila su dva para na Platanu u isto vreme, kućica do kućice.

Jedan par je iz naše kategorije „zalutalih“ koji nije trebao doći na Platan jer ovo nije dobar izbor za njih. Dok je drugi par iz „naše“ kategorije koji nam govori da sav ovaj trud koji ulažemo svih ovih godina nije uzaludan.

Ispod su  izvodi iz oba pisma naših gostiju.

A corner from heaven!  (Din i Jasmina)

Platan! I have travelled to many, many places in the world; both for leisure and business, and I always end up in a hotel in the middle of a modern jungle of high rise buildings with all the hassle and bustle of modern life. Heavy traffic, and noisy environment and at the end I am more stressed than I arrived!

However this time a friend of mine,

Jasmine from Belgrade, suggested we take a 5 days vacation to Platan, I have to admit I did not know what to expect! However upon my arrival to Platan I was absolutely extatic to find myself in this heavenly corner on earth. On the shoulder of this mountain there you have few wooden chalets dotted here and there, carefully and romantically designed  to give maximum exotic feelings.

Mr Dragan, our host greeted us with open arms, and was extremely welcoming and made us immediately feel very comfortable. Helping us with our luggage, he led us to our chalet, once inside the chalet we went through the formalities of how to use the facilities, and presented us with a bottle of home made wine by his beautiful wife Vesna. The red wine was one of the best i came across in my life.

The chalet its design, the wood fire place,

the stairs leading up to our bedroom the music in the living room and the bedside night music just added to the flavour of the exotic ambiance that i felt, i just knew i was going to have a wonderful time. On our first night we went to the local town near by; where we had a meal in the local restaurant, the food was superb, the serbian salad and the veg soup were most delicious.

On our return to our chalet the living room temperature was just right and the look of the fire burning was wonderful paved the way for a Romantic long evening. Me and Jasmine despite tired from travelling all the way from England; we stayed and chatted till late the atmosphere made us dig into our past going back to our childhood. And we told each others many many stories.

Nikola – muke po Nori

„Kada smo došli prvo veče oko i ispod kamina je bilo parčića drveta i drugih mrvica koje je Nora (mala kuca) počela da kupi tako da smo morali našim koferima da zagradimo ta mesta kako se ona ne bi zavlačila. Nije strasna zamerka i zbog toga nije 10.“

Ako se prepoznate u drugom pismu o Nori, ne dolazite molimo vas, ko Boga vas molimo ne dolazite.

Parčića i mrvica drveta oko kamina će uvek biti, a ako vam baš toliko smetaju u priboru pored kamina se nalazi mala četkica i lopatica.